Why would you use MyShopInABox?

A website is seen by more people, has far more information, is able to be regularly updated and is considerably cheaper to build than a single page advert in Yellow Pages. What other medium can answer all of your customer's most frequently asked questions 24 hours a day - every single day, in such an engaging and entertaining way?

On the way to acheiving your online masterpiece your choices will be many. A lot of these choices will be about technologies or marketing sciences of which you may not know much about - and that's why we are here.

MyShopInABox has technical roots that go back almost 30 years, back to the time before Windows was popular and anything you wanted to the computer to do required having to type every command into a black screen with that infuriating flashing cursor.

Experience of that era, of technology change, trends and fads and Honours degree level education in multimedia means we understand the frustrations and appropriate strategies available to you as you travel along your online path.

Because we are a true one-stop-shop we can help you with the right decisions and provide good advice to help make your mark on the Internet with a website that will establish your company as credible and viable. Dont forget, your wesite is an essential marketing tool in today's commercial world that is more competitive than ever.

Everything we do is built around getting you online or improving your current online offering. We believe that caring for your business is at the heart of any successful partnership. We feel we're pretty good at what we do but don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.


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