A full Content Management System based Joomla website - almost limitless functionality built with award-winning software

Your online presence will always begin with the most suitable, latest version of Joomla installed and configured for you.

We’ll discuss many subjects with you to help you with your decisions including branding, colours, multimedia, content, security, trading online, etc. Only when you are completely happy will we begin work on your brand new website.

We will always offer our best advice based on industry trends and more than 35 years of experience but YOU always remain in control – YOURS is always the final decision.

How will you and your website benefit from MyShopInABox?

Benefits & Features

Yes FREE Hosting For A Year
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Yes FREE .co.uk or .com Domain Name
Unlimited Subdomains
Yes Powerful, Award Winning Joomla CMS
Latest phpMyAdmin
Yes Versatile cPanel Control Panel
Very Effective SpamAssassin
Yes Dependable Apache Server
cPanel Video Tutorials
Yes Massive 500 Mb Diskspace
Detailed Site Statistics
Yes Generous 2000Mb Monthly Bandwidth
Webmail (access email anywhere)
Yes Unlimited Emails
Professional, VAT Registered Company
Yes Unlimited Email Lists
Skillset to Honours Degree Level
Yes Unlimited MySQL Databases
More Than 35 Years Experience

So what will I actually get?

To make things as easy as possible for you we will install and set up Joomla, customise it to your needs and configure menus and pages ready to receive your content. When ready we will begin to enter your chosen text and images - we will even optimise them for you to ensure your pages load as quickly as possible. We will support you every step of the way, get everything up and running and take care of all the technical aspects of getting your website ready for 'Go Live'!

Other benefits include:

Affordable and Professional

Affordable and professional websites for small business
  • An affordable and professional website for your shop or service
  • No need to learn HTML or CSS
  • EVERYTHING you need for your website is right here
  • You will have a great looking and effective website
  • Your site will shine with a high quality, modern design template
  • DIY content - or we can edit/update it all for you, your choice
  • Not sure what you need? You can always add more later
  • Your competitors are already online - are you?


FREE Domain Name & FREE Hosting For A Year!

  • Not got a domain yet? We can register your new .co.uk or .com for you - FREE! (up to 2 years)
  • Already got a domain? Continue using it by transferring it to us - FREE! (up to 2 years)
  • Got a website hosted elsewhere? No problem, we transfer nameservers for you - FREE!
  • High-speed, reliable servers for your business
  • All our servers are UK-based and located in London
  • 24/7/365 Server, Network and Data Center Monitoring


Award-Winning Joomla CMS For You 

Joomla CMS for Small Business
  • Award-winning CMS (Content Management System)
  • Speed - Power - Control - Versatile - Modular
  • Web 2.0, HTML 5 and CSS 3 compatible
  • Joomla powers around 3% of the entire Internet's websites!
  • A flexible system to suit your needs
  • Add functionality with readymade compents, modules and plugins
  • See how your visitors use your website and adapt it to improve your conversion rate
  • Oodles of other easy to use website tools


These days, there's no two ways about it; no matter what your business, you’re going to need a website. You may already have promotional materials such as fliers, signs and business cards but your competitors already know you need to be online to make the best of the current financial climate.

The benefits are immediate; having a location to showcase your company and all that it offers, increasing your presence by becoming searchable online and the option to sell directly online.

Even if your business has a shop or an office, a website can push prospects in your direction. Having a website and listing it with popular search engines means your customers know where your business is located without having to open a phone book.

Today, most customers use search engines in order to meet their requirements and although the Internet creates a more level playing field, you will need an effective website in order to compete with other online businesses.

Another benefit of having a website is the ability to incorporate ecommerce. If you’re selling products you can set up a website to allow customers to purchase them directly from your site. Shopping carts, Paypal and credit/debit cards can allow you to sell products or services online and be paid for them automatically.


The Business Benefits

Selling online has a number of advantages over traditional bricks and mortar premises, including:

Save on setup and operational costs

  • Your profit margin soars when you don't need to rent high-priced street premises, buy shop-fittings or pay shop assistants

Reach new audiences – go global overnight!

  • Increase sales opportunities by reaching prospects that wouldn’t ordinarily have investigated your type of high street outlet

Forget 'Hours of Business'

  • Your new website never closes, which means you're selling 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Keep your customers loyal

  • Being online helps you develop and maintain customer relationships in all types of markets and demographics; use new offers and products to follow-up with old customers and make additional sales

Level the playing field

  • With a well-designed online store you can look every bit as professional and reliable as your larger competitors

Accurate targeted marketing

  • You can easily tailor your ad campaigns around your designated demographic - word-of-mouth advertising on a grand scale!

Keep better track of what sells

  • With the automated processes possible in an online store, you’ll instantly know what sells and what doesn't so you can optimise your offerings and manage your inventory efficiently

Get paid from advertising on your website

  • Put advertising banners from other companies on your website and get paid every time someone clicks on them – you control who gets on and how often

And a lot, lot more...

  • The list is potentially endless - get your slice of the action TODAY! Contact us by clicking HERE or the link below.

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